First off on this bumper epic blog is another beer I found in the always surprising Alex. Harviestoun’s Bitter & Twisted is a very nice blond beer. The 2003 Champion Beer of Britain is extremely refreshing, almost shandy like, it is citrusy but not overpoweringly, it’s one of my favourites so far. Not because it’s particularly challenging or maybe even interesting, it’s just so drinkable.

Took some beers round to mates. Arthur’s suffering from shingles at the moment so I thought he might need some challenging liquids to take his mind off things.

Wells Banana Bread Beer was first created in 2002 in attempt to attract younger customers. It unsurprisingly tastes really like bananas but particularly like those 2p banana sweets you could (or can) get in the pick n mix section of the corner shops on the way home from school. It was interesting and the flavours worked better than expected but I would certainly struggle to drink a whole pint.

Gruut Bruin is another new beer. Gruut is a medieval concotion made with a mixture of herbs instead of hops. This 2009 offering had flavours of praline amongst other nuts and milk chocolate.

Urthel Samaranth. Another beer created in the previous decade! This belgian beer brewed in the Netherlands was first poured on September 5, 2002. At 11.5% this celebration beer was fruity, maybe even leafy. Very rich with a lot in going on in the mouth.

Thornbridge Jaipur. I was looking forward to drinking this from the moment I picked it up from the brewers in Bakewell mentioned in my previous blog.This beer is named after the famous pink city in India which Arthur has visited. It was citrusy, particularly lemon and very light in colour. Though nice it did remind me slightly of washing up liquid!

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale was the first drink of the day that didn’t come from the 2000s. In fact it was first brewed circa 1900 and predates Newcastle’s more famous Brown Ale. It was sweet but dry, and you can certainly taste the nut. I wasn’t a fan though and to me it tasted a little off.


Later that evening I met my friend and ex-colleague Jim (pictures at the top) for a quick pint at Ten Green Bottles. Luckily for me they had a bottle of beer I have had many times yet haven’t managed to catalogue for this journey.

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord is a great beer. A previous manager of mine described it as one of the hardest beers to keep and if a pub does a good Landlord it’s a good pub. This unrivalled four time Champion Beer of Britain has won more awards nationally than any other beer. A classic beer you should really try if you haven’t before.

As it was Arthur’s birthday in the week I took him on a little brewery tour. First we drove up to Woodforde’s just outside Norwich and what a beautiful place it is. We didn’t go into the brewery itself but the shop was very friendly and well stocked and their pub was gorgeous. The Fur & Feather Inn was a great country pub selling good food, with great service and obviously the freshest beer you could possibly ask for. We bought a crazy cool leather tankard, the like of which I had never seen before and just screams history. We also bought a bottle of Headcracker which I was after and will review at a later date.

After ploughing through our delicious lunch which had to zip down to Bury St. Edmunds for a 2pm tour. Bury was a nice place, and the tour was quite good. Unfortunately it was the hottest day of the year and simply uncomfortable. The tour guide wanted to just whisk through it and we were happy to let him. It wasn’t bad but after I had been to the Adnams one I know there are better tours out there and want to take Arthur to another one. Maybe a smaller brewer, should have gone round Woodfordes really.

Me, my beautiful wife Michelle and our friend Bill went to the Kent Beer Festival in Canterbury. Bill bloody loved it, more than he expected I think, he even signed up to CAMRA! It was a very well run festival, great food, entertaining band and a wide selection of beers. A great atmosphere in the barn built to a really pleasurable evening, in which I was happy to find 4 beers! On a sideline I know why these kids love this Pokemon Go craze. Its great discovering things, luckily mine get me drunk to boot. It’s not just about the beer though, this journey has already taken me to many places I would never consider going and I would really recommend anyone to get a similar hobby.Anyways the 4 beers I managed to catch (gotta catch em all) were..

Oakham Citra. I like the Citra hop. It’s flowery and fruity yet not as intense as Cascade in my humble opinion. This beer was citrusy and dry, we had grapefruit and goosebury  along with other botanicals coming through. Very pleasurable.

Augustiner Edelstoff. This beer that comes from the oldest brewery in Munich (founded in 1328) was first brewed in 1927, when clearly Germany was a very different place. In Theresenweire were it is brewed the breeching of each new cask is announced with the loud ringing of a bell so that everybody can finish their glass of beer and order a fresh Edelstoff. That is something I would love to witness. It’s a nice beer and though it was full flavoured it was ironically quite non descript. An interesting paradox.

Kernel Export Stout is a London brewed beer. It tastes of creamy coffee and is an acceptable yet not that noticeable Stout.

Green Flash Le Freak is a crazy beer. So much going on. It is basically an APA created in the same style as a Belgian Trippel. It’s strong at 9.2% and expensive at £8.50 but I’m glad I tried it. It was a taste sensation, not to everybody’s taste but certainly worth a go. It was certainly a long way from the Bitter & Twisted I started this blog with!

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