We drank the three beers I purchased in Westerham and Lewes over the week. Scotney Pale Ale was a nice beer. Quite hoppy but as it uses Target it doesn’t have that fashionable floral nose so popular in American and other brewers using Cascade. Instead it was quite floral but quintessentially English. A percentage of the sale of each bottle is donated to the National Trust for reinvestment in the Scotney hop gardens, which is a nice touch. Maybe England is going to be alright after all!


Michelle and I found both Harvey’s ales a little disappointing, which was a real surprise after seeing the history and how many awards have been lavished on to them.

The Christmas Ale was quite sweet but with a pungent bitter aftertaste. Caramel comes to mind at first but when swallowed it reminded me of quinine in tonic water.

Imperial Extra Double Stout is a beer steeped in history, well for a beer first brewed in 1999 that is! It’s as close as they could get it to an early 19th century brew which was particularly popular with the Russians and was even given an Imperial Warrant of Appointment from Catherine the First. It is a very liquoricey drink. Both in colour and taste. I could pick up plum pudding on the nose. It was quite sweet for a stout almost like it was sugar coated.


Petrus Oud Bruin is a beer from my Belgian collection. Not one of the best, I found it quite watery and mild for a Flanders. It definitely had a lot of cherry coming through and was pleasant but neither challenging nor gulpable for me.

Finally we had a little journey to the Shepherd Neame brewery in Faversham. Faversham is lovely town and the pub we went to, The Sun Inn, was a fantastic old, low, lair of a retreat. The reason we went however was to confirm what I already knew, Generation Ale was unavailable. I had already read it was online but out of an interest of completion I wanted to just pop to the brewery for confirmation. Think we may go back for an evening tour with dinner as it’s certainly interesting seeing England’s oldest brewery.

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