Had a Dragon Stout on my birthday before we went to the surprise party Michelle had organised down East Coast Social. Decorator Lee had bought it for me as a leaving present from The Trading Rooms which was nice of him. Dragon Stout is a Jamaican beer which is very sweet. Fruity and thin for a stout it was pleasant but we’ve had better.


On the Thursday we decided to go on a little roadtrip. We drove to Westerham Brewery in Kent. There wasn’t much to see and we didn’t even notice a brewery shop. It was interesting to see a proper countryside small brewery but we didn’t get out of the car. It was certainly more intimidating than St. Peter’s!

We drove instead to a Westerham pub nearby.

The Carpenters Arms in Oxted is a beautiful pub with maybe the best kept beer garden I have ever seen. Absolutely perfect setting on a sunny day.

British Bulldog is a lovely beer, I really enjoyed it. A classic English ale made from local hops Northdown and Finchcocks’s Whitbread Golding I thought it tasted very fresh and clean.

After finishing we drove down to Lewes.

Lewes is a very nice town. It is quite large yet manages to retain a village feel. Harvey’s brewery dominates the river but the high street feels quaint with plenty of vintage architecture. The brewery shop was well stocked with alcohol of all varieties and I managed to pick up a bottle of Harvey’s Christmas Ale and Imperial Double Stout which I will review when I drink them.

We took a stroll up the highstreet to one of the Harvey’s pubs. The Rights Of Man had an excellent roof terrace where I sipped on a pint of Sussex Best Bitter freshly made down the road. Slightly sweet this ale was OK but didn’t blow me away. It’s 50 years old and been showered with numerous awards but I prefered the Westerham offering from earlier in the day.


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