We found Woodforde’s Wherry down The Alex, though this one is common enough The Alex really is showing a diversity of beers these days and it has become my favourite pub in the area.

Woodforde’s Wherry is a nice popular pint. Clean refreshing its’s no surprise it has been awarded Champion Beer of Britain. At only 3.6% you can try a few of them too!


Wadworth 6X has quite a dark palate for an amber beer. It is a very traditional beer and there is few ales that hold the real ale traditions so close. They still have their own cooper and some pubs, though I don’t know which, sell 6X from wooden casks.

Chimay Tripel is a controversial beer from the 60s. It is creamy, maybe even floury (not a misspelling). It has a lot of white froth and is very palatable for an 8%.

There is only 6 trappist abbey breweries and Chimay is by far the most famous of all of them. Chimay Bleue is a very easy to drink dark beer which has a slight chocolaty feel about it.

Scotch Silly was made in Belgium for the Scottish Soldiers who remained there after World War 1. It has a sweet taste of molasses and caramel.

XX Bitter has a very English taste for a Belgian beer. Unsurprisingly it is bitter but it did remind me much more of a British ale than most of its flemish contemporaries.

Samichlaus however is a different beast entirely. When Paul Noble came round I asked to choose a beer from my armoury. He after looking at a couple he picked up Samichlaus. On closer inspection it said it was only brewed one day a year! Pretty impressive, then unbelievably it said the date it was brewed was 6th December, which is Pauls birthday! Fantastic coincidence. The beer was chosen.

It says on the label it is perhaps the rarest beer in the world. I don’t know about that but at 14% its certainly one of the strongest. Very sweet, like sherry but with a plum taste. To be fair it was a tough one to drink, more like fortified wine than beer.



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