Singha is a lovely lager, still exclusively made in Thailand. What you taste here is exactly what they taste there and I would certainly prefer to be supping it on the Beach of Ko Samui than the Carlton’s beer garden, but hey ho. It is very light and lively, citrusy and thoroughly enjoyable.

20160520_203805Bath Ales Wild Hare is the first organic ale I have drunk and, what a surprise, I bought it from Waitrose. I found it quite bland, closer to lager than the more flavoursome ales I have tried, but it was quite creamy.


Marston’s Old Empire. From the legendary old beer town of Burton On Trent, Old Empire has a nice spice with a dry finish but there’s not much else to it.


Deucher’s IPA is Scotland’s best-selling cask ale. It was also the first Scottish beer to be crowned Champion Beer of Britain. It’s a nice pint. It opens with the familiar cardboardy yet not unpleasant Styrian Hops and has a herby, dry, bitter finish.


St Austell’s Proper Job is a Cornish take on an American IPA. It has the American introduction due to the Willamette, Chinook and Cascade hooks, but is quite understated compared to it’s American counterparts. It has a lovely vanilla, digestive mouthful and a beautiful floral finish. A really nice beer, my favourite of the night.


Excuse the picture of Siouxsie looking at the beer from the stage of Top Of The Pops 1981 but I was a bit drunk by the time I took this. Robinsons Old Tom Strong Ale won the best ale in the world award only 6 years ago. It is a lovely velvety beer. It looks and feels like it should be quite overpowering but it’s actually quite unassuming and very drinkable, especially for an 8.5%. Lots of toffee flavours.

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