20160513_092759Started the day at Michelle’s new pub. It’s a beautiful place in Kent. It has a river at the bottom from where it runs boat tours. It has it’s own pigs and cockerels, and though quiet during the week, it gets busy over the weekend especially with nice weather. It’s the polar opposite of her previous pub and I think she’ll be very happy there.

On my way back I stopped at Fuggles Beer Cafe in Tunbridge Wells.20160513_122631

I was there as my old school friend Doug works there. He kindly offered to bring a beer back for me from when he visited a beer festival in Belgium. Fuggles looks like my kind of place and it immediately made we want to return to Tunbridge for a longer visit. It was very clean, well laid out and had an excellent selection of beers. It also seems to run meet the brewers evenings. I joked when I arrived whether they had any jobs available but after spending only a short amount of time there I realised that joke was more serious than first anticipated!

I drank the Tilquin Oude Quetsche when I got home. It reminded me of Orange sherbert, it was tart and I could taste the plums, though that might just have been as I knew it was made from them! It left me with a tingly tongue, a nice lambic experience.

Moinette is a very nice Belgian blonde, it had a lot of sediment but is an easy drink. It is Dupont’s biggest seller at home.

Liefmans Goudenband was surprisingly dark. It had a lingering coca cola taste after you get over the strong sweet and sour initial impression.It gets better with age and is given a keeping date of ten years. Unfortunately I found this out after the fact, as mine was only a year old.

Kostringer Schwarzbier is a lovely and light black lager. Very interesting to work what was from the colour or from the taste as your mind plays tricks but there did seem to be coffee overtones.

Bishops Finger is an interesting beer. It can only be brewed on a Friday by the Shepard Neame head brewer. It can only be made from ingredients made in Kent and is the only beer that can legally describe itself as Kentish Strong Ale as it has acquired Protective Geographic Indication status just like Parma Ham and Camembert Cheese. It has a nice silky malt flavour before a dry finish.



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