Beers No. 70 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and No.71 Lagunitas Pils


Went to The Broker to watch the last game at Upton Park (nobody calls it the Boleyn Ground, I know it’s called the Boleyn Ground but nobody calls it the Boleyn Ground if you know what I mean) it was a great match, with West Ham going 2-1 down before winning 3-2. Lee had a tenner bet on 3-2 and won 350 quid, lucky sausage.

Had Sierra Nevada a few times before, its alright, a bit non-descript, flowery like the rest of the APAs due to the Cascade hop. Very drinkable, its good that it has a Fosters next to it in this photo as I think Sierra Nevada is the Fosters of the APAs. Luckily I really like Fosters.


When I got back I had a Lagunitas Pils, another American beer. This was good, a bit darker in taste (not in colour) than the lagers I’m used to.  So a nice (I hate to say this..) sipping lager.

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