Michelle and I visited Southwold, it is a beautiful place. We stopped off at Paul Noble’s on they way up there and went for lunch in a lovely country pub called The Greyhound. It was a fantastic place a million miles from London Road, Westcliff. We know now what we want.

After we left the Stride Nobles we went to Aldeburgh. Its a tiny little seaside village which had an untouched character that made it quaint and picturesque but we knew we weren’t that bothered about staying there. We pushed on to Southwold on the Suffolk coast and what a treat.

We stayed at the Swan and its a fantastic hotel, the bed and the bathroom were both one of the biggest I have seen in a hotel. Very elegant and opulent..

Our tour of Southwold  showed us some excellent places. The pier is so cool and it had the craziest  arcade art installation thing down the pier I have ever seen. The machines included Mobility Masterclass, Rent a Dog, Lay Down Aerobics and a Holiday Simulator. It was mental but great.

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After touring the Seafront we went on the Adnams Brewery Tour. It was very interesting and we discovered Michelle doesn’t like Cascade Hops. We fell in love a bit with not only Southwold but the Adnams brand. We really like what it stands for.IMG-20160507-WA0005

Once we finished the tour we sat outside The Crown Hotel and had a pint of Ghost Ship and a pint of Southwold bitter. They were both very nice but of course we’ve had them both a million times before, it was just for book reasons.The Adnams Stout was very good too and they’re Gin was fantastic, in fact it was the worlds best.

So the beers were nice but Southwold is what will stay with us.

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